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We are a dedicated team of registered investment advisors who follow a disciplined and proven approach to long-term investing based on a belief in global market diversification and true asset allocation. Our mission is to provide you with the best investment experience while developing a portfolio tailored to your financial goals. With access to low cost institutional funds and the industry’s best selection of investment resources, we are able to provide you with sound investment advice with at a reasonable cost.
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Established in 1988

34 Years In Business

SEC Registered


Fee-Only Advisors

$250+ Million

Under Management

We approach each of our client’s investments with the care and diligence we use in managing our own.


Wealth Management

We take a systematic and sensible approach to wealth management. Our experienced investment advisors will build your portfolio based on your individual priorities, risk tolerance and life goals.

Wealth and Asset Management


Planning for Retirement

We look at our client’s entire financial picture from income to savings through retirement and legacy. Prudent Man is here to assist you as you work towards your life goals.

How to Plan for Retirement


Asset Class Investing

Asset class investing, also known as passive investing, offers lower risks and less costs through broader diversification. We can align you with the best index funds for your portfolio.

Asset Class Investing


Corporate Retirement Plans

We take advantage of the capital markets as we seek portfolio growth and long-term sustainability for your corporate retirement plans, corporate sponsored pensions and profit sharing plans.

Corporate Investment Plans


Estate, Foundation & Trust Accounts

We provide time-tested investment methodologies to protect and manage your estate, trust funds and your family. Contact us to discuss your estate or trust fund investment strategy today.

Estate and Trust Fund Management


Tax Planning

Careful tax planning throughout the year can not only help you save money, but help you plan and achieve your overall financial goals. At Prudent Man, we look at how taxes will impact your entire portfolio.

Start Planning for Taxes

Our Investment Approach

“We are committed to an investment approach that is rooted in science, not speculation”
– Prudent Man Investment Management, Inc.

“The important thing about an investment philosophy is that you have one you can stick with”
– David Booth

“Control what you can control”
– David Butler

“Time is your friend, impulse is your enemy. Take advantage of compound interest and don’t be captivated by the siren song of the market. That only seduces you into buying after stocks have soared and selling after they plunge.”
– Jack Bogle, Vanguard founder

“Buy right and hold tight. Once you set your asset allocation, stick to it no matter how greedy or scared you become.”
– Jack Bogle

“Providing great client experiences has always been, and will continue to be, why we do what we do”
– Dave Butler, DFA

“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it”
– Warren Buffett