Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on a belief in passive asset class investing and global market diversification.

At Prudent Man, we follow a disciplined and proven approach to long-term investing.

Our investment philosophy and strategies are rooted in our firm belief in passive asset class investing and global market diversification. We manage our client’s portfolios using low cost institutional funds and the highest quality fixed income vehicles available. Our ability to access companies such as Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), allows us to provide our clients with the industry’s best selection of investment resources. By researching and following the best academic, theoretical, and empirical studies produced by the financial and economic communities, we are able to develop strategies that increase the odds for a favorable long-term outcome within your portfolio. This philosophy is consistent with our mission to provide the best investment experience and value to our clients at a reasonable cost.

We believe in personal design and management of investment portfolios.

At Prudent Man, we look at investing differently and want our clients to have a positive investing experience. This starts with a face-to-face, introductory meeting and personal interview. Next, we follow up with an analysis of current assets and discuss your entire financial picture. Once contracted with Prudent Man, we take the time to on-board your assets and invest in accordance with your personalized investment plan. At least four times a year, Prudent Man will meet with you to review your portfolio and future planning. We look at our client’s entire financial picture from income to savings through retirement and legacy. Prudent Man investment advisors are here to assist you as you work towards your life goals.

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Our personalized investment approach is tailored to your individual financial needs and long-term goals


Understand investor individual needs and goals


Determine time horizon and allocation model


Document prep, asset transfer and fund allocation


Proactively review account and objectives


Comprehensive reporting and portfolio review


Adjust investments and funds as necessary