Asset Class Investing

At Prudent Man, we employ strategically passive investment strategies and asset class diversification to help reduce risk and increase the opportunity for return.

We focus on the factors of return that can help drive performance.

Asset class investing is based on identifying specific sub-asset classes or groups of securities with similar risk characteristics such as small or large company stocks, growth or values stocks, bonds and fixed-income securities. At Prudent Man, we determine the proper allocation of these assets for your individual portfolio based on your risk tolerance, size and value of your portfolio as well as your long-term financial needs and goals. Our goal, by employing our passive investing and asset class diversification strategies, is to help minimize risk and maximize potential returns through both the highs and lows of the financial markets.

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We employ core investing concepts that allow us to own the productive capacity of the world’s markets.

Our asset class investing strategies are based on rigorous academic research, analysis and evidence – not on active investment strategies that look to pick individual stocks, bonds or alternative investments to “beat” the market.. Compared to the typical mutual fund portfolio, asset class investing with Prudent Man can offer global equity diversification, lower overall investment costs, improved tax efficiency, and appropriate risk exposure. We believe that passive and diversified asset class investing, along with the guidance and experience of a dedicated investment advisor, is the best way to achieve your long-term financial goals.

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