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Effective tax planning strategies can significantly benefit your overall investment strategies and financial goals.

We implement tax planning strategies that align with your overall investment goals.

At Prudent Man, we believe that tax planning is part of the investment process and that it should be integrated into your long-term investment strategy. Strategic tax planning works to align your personal and/or business investment goals with the current tax codes in order to legally minimize tax liability and potentially maximize deductions At Prudent Man, our advisers work with your tax professional to assist in providing personalized tax planning strategies that take into account your individual needs. This includes understanding your current income tax rates, credits, potential deductions and related considerations that may help to reduce your overall tax liability not only during your career, but throughout retirement.

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Our overall approach to tax planning approach looks to minimize taxes and put that money to work for you.

Strategic tax planning does not just refer to claiming every tax deduction and credit in order to minimize the amount you pay or maximize your refund. At Prudent Man, we believe that tax planning involves methods to lower your tax burden throughout the year tby investing with low-cost, tax managed institutional mutual funds, maximizing contributions to retirement accounts, investing in secondary education accounts, and capital loss harvesting to offset your tax burden.. Contact one of our experienced investment advisors today to see how we can help with your tax planning and overall investment portfolio.

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